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Bob Carver

Tel: 613 796 2448




"Having led and worked within counter terror, tactical and covert programs over the past 25 years, I have had the opportunity to see the worlds best. I have also had the pleasure and honor to work with and to have been trained by Bob in a number of roles within each. Bob Carver is the author, subject matter expert and technical adviser in the creation of a number of ground breaking defensive and offensive tactical program areas for the RCMP. Bob is innovative, progressive and a consummate professional who carries the talent, work ethic, attention to detail, credentials of craft and the academic background to be the RCMP subject matter expert before triers of fact whenever program content is challenged. He is simply one of the best in the world."

Supt. Greg Browning, RCMP


"If you are serious about combat sports and want to be the best fighter or instructor you can be, I strongly encourage you to become part of Ajarn Bob Carver’s “Comprehensive Combatives” program.  His decades of experience in this field are a bottomless well of information to be drawn from - information that is priceless and that you won’t get anywhere else.  As a scientist, I always want to know “why” and I believe continuous learning is the key to exceling in your chosen career or activity.  I feel the same way about martial arts, and the hours spent learning the history, psychology and physiology of combatives during this course have provided me with vital information that I can draw on for my own training as a fighter, for teaching Muay Thai, and also in my own personal life.  Ajarn Carver puts many a university professor to shame - they would do well to sit in on one of his lectures to learn how to motivate their students and demonstrate how academic research is applicable to real life!  I learn something new every single time I listen to him talk about martial arts or step into the ring with him.  He is an engaging, animated, fascinating lecturer who is able to draw on both his extensive and unique personal experience and the latest in academic research in order to deliver even the most complex, detailed subject matter in a way that is both easily adsorbed and understood.  Furthermore, the link between academic learning and practical, on-the-ground training/teaching are both built and strengthened by the addition of drills and work sessions in the ring following the lectures".


Dr. (Kruu) Paula C. Piilonen

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