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Includes traditional teaching of a variety of martial arts disciplines and law-enforcement and military application, with both certification and mentoring programs.

A personal approach, even in groups...

For over 25 years Bob Carver has been advocating and delivering integrated tactical and fitness training to elite police and military units.


Addressing job specific fitness through the crafting of physiologically specific tactical training programs was, and is cutting edge in nature.


Bob’s principles and programs have been utilized by elite Canadian units since 1988.


In these days of fiscal challenge, it makes more sense than ever to combine elements of training that have heretofore been delivered separately, thus incurring more cost, sometimes resulting in ‘mixed messaging’.


Comprehensive Combatives is an academic platform directed to law-enforcement and military Instructor cadre, as well as to combat sport coaches/instructors. Knowledge based content is divided into 7 chapters:

1.    Historical Perspective

2.    Applied Psychomotor Learning

3.    Psychophysiology

4.    Applied Exercise Physiology

5.    Applied Biomechanics

6.    Coaching tips

7.    Ethical/Legal considerations


This content connects research-based information to instructors, delivering an excellent professional development experience, enhancing concurrent delivery of tactics and fitness in an integrated manner.


For the first time this material is being taught outside of top-secret units.


On successful completion of the foundations course, training tailored to the needs of the group continues through an ongoing mentoring program, ensuring continued improvement of the instructors. This improvement will then show results in the abilities and fitness levels of the student base. 

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