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Superlative materials and craft...

Bob makes both tactical and southeast asian blades as a hobby; apprenticing under Master Bladesmith Wally Hayes. From his small forge in Franktown, Bob takes his raw materials and turns them into one-of-a-kind cutting creations. Below are some of the latest pieces sold and in action in kitchens and martial arts practise rooms today.



Small Koba chopper for veggies.

4 inch blade, flat ground both sides

blade given 2 day bath in vinegar after heat treating to remove scale and leave grey.

edges ground polished to 1000 gritre

etched for a minute in ferric choride to bring out the temper line

Objective: Triple header on contrast;

     1. rough look to blade,

     2. temper line transition and

     3. wicked finished look for birdseye maple and ebony handle.

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